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Taco Fundraiser was a great success!

Taco Fundraiser

By Lance Wilson


On the 1st of May, Sharing Hands ran a fundraiser called “Let’s Taco bout a great fundraiser!!!!” The taco fundraiser was designed to help the organization gather some needed funding.  The 4 hour event was held in the parking lot of the Assembly of God, on the corner of Bishop Way and Washburn Street. It was a blessing the decision was made to hold the event outside in the parking lot, due to the recent moving up to extreme risk category for Linn County. 


Driving down Bishop way you saw Brownsville Mayor Don Ware wearing a taco costume holding a sign saying “May 1, 12:00 to 4:00pm, $5.00 tacos & toppings. There were many patrons partaking in the $5.00 for 2 tacos with refried beans. People had a choice of either soft or hard tacos, along with a selection of different meats and toppings. 


Debra Gruell, Executive Director expressed her enthusiasm for the entire event, amazing hard working volunteers, along with a supportive community.  It was fun from the beginning to end.  Everyone involved went home with smiles on their faces even though they were totally exhausted. 


The event also featured a drawing for participants to have the opportunity to receive a group of various new gardening essentials, donated by 5 different local individuals.  Debra was hhappy with the donated items, “A beautiful blue bird bath, a Gorilla Garden Dumping Cart, flowers, garden art, and potting soil. “ What a deal!”  The tickets were $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00.  The winning ticket belonged to an overjoyed Sandy Sabedtra.  


Sharing Hands would like to thank everyone that volunteered to make this event a huge success.  Over 450 tacos were served.  ALSO, A HUGE THANK YOU TO THIS COMMUNITY FOR SHOWING UP AND SUPPORTING SHARING HANDS “Let’s Taco bout a great fundraiser”.   


Please keep your eyes open for another great fundraiser this fall. “The heat is coming - Chili Cook off and dessert auction”.  

Taco Fundraiser