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Thrift Store BK 2023-03-04

Thrift Store Exterior


Proceeds are used to offset the operating costs of the Food Bank and building maintenance. We keep only the best of the community's donations and price them for all to afford. We donate clothing to those in need who cannot pay. We recycle over 5000 articles of clothing and other items monthly.
Hours: 10AM – 4PM Tue. thru Sat.

Please Remember - ONLY Donate Sellable Items

Sharing Hands goes to great lengths to provide usable items to the general public. To that end all donations must be accepted by Sharing Hands Thrift Store staff. Unfortunately, we have had many people leaving items next to the building, after working hours, which were not of a quality that allowed them to be rehomed. If it is damaged, dirty, stained and/or similar and this is what led you to no longer want the item... chances are no one else will want to buy it. Items that are not sellable wind up in our garbage and recycle bins. Please remember that the cost to dispose/recycle these items takes away from our ability to provide other valuable services. Please do the right thing and have your donated items checked in by a staff member or volunteer.